Project Description

Photo Booth Bookings has been successful in capturing stories of many beautiful couples on their special day. With our finest photography service, we were able to impress Henna and Mike who wanted us to cover every minute detail of their reception. Henna and Mike, soon-to-be married couple, wanted an outdoor photoshoot in the midst of nature. With their approval, we took them to a location dispersed with greenery and flowers. We even directed them to pose for photos. The couple requested us to provide the hard copies of the photo. We didn’t only manage to provide hard copies of photos but were also keen in fitting them into the album. We made sure to bring  the best laughs out of the couple and turn their day into the most memorable one. By the end of the day, they were pretty pleased with our unparalleled service.


The team of Photo Booth Bookings ensured:


  • To put the happiness of Henna and Michael above everything.
  • To capture stunning shots of the couple.
  • To satisfy the couple with our photography skills.


‘I have no words to describe how humble, efficient and dedicated Photo Booth Booking team has been. Their work has left me mesmerized. Everytime i look at my photos I can’t really stop wondering, is it really me? I highly recommend them to everyone.’